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Its All About My Photoshoots

02 September 2010

Finding the Right Photographer

The decision of which photographer to work with is extremely important and with so many about it’s easy to find yourself in the situation of not knowing who to approach. The first thing you should think about is whether your portfolio represents you in th

e best possible way and what extra dimension you’re hoping to add to it with this shoot. From there you can start to look at the photographers you’re interested in using to see whether you feel they can meet your needs. Take a detailed look at their work and consider the following points:

Photographer Portfolio

  • What is the overall standard of images they take?
  • Do you like the ideas and concepts they use?
  • Do they retouch the images?
  • What is the standard of the models they use?
  • Do they have their own studio?
  • Do they do location work?
  • Can you see their work in your portfolio?

Model Recommendations, Opinions and Feedback

It’s a really good idea to talk to other models and check out their work to see which photographers they have collaborated with. They’re obviously the best people to ask because they were previously in exactly the same position as you (and they’re attractive too!). Don’t be afraid to ask any questions as it’s better to get them all answered before you contact the photographer.

Photographer Recommendations

The photography community is generally pretty aware of one another so it’s always helpful to ask any photographers you know or have already worked with, for their opinions. One rule of thumb when accepting advice from personal experience is that sometimes they can be fairly competitive of one another and may not want you to work with someone and will unfortunately give negative opinions. This is only in the rarest of instances, but take everything with a pinch of salt and make up your own mind – of course, if you have build great rapport with a photographer, it’s worth taking their advice on board.

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