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31 Januari 2010

Kenduri Arwah Nenek di Permatang Pasir Bandar Bahru Kedah Darul Aman

23 - 24 Januari 2009

Alhamdulillah selamat sampai ke kampung arwah nenek papa aku....sekurang-kurang aku dapat lagi melihat suasana kampung kat sini... Bes gak datang masa tak ramai orang... tak penin pasal jem hahhaha.... tambahan aku ni jakun kit ngan kampung ni heheheheh....
Tujuan balik mengejut ni bukan apa... sebab Usu ada wat kenduri arwah untuk arwah nenek aku... sambil tu nak gantikan nisan arwah nenek aku tuh... Rancang punye rancang last2 famili aku dan pak lang je yang ada.... usu tak jadi sebab uruskan PIBG sekolah Izzat.... so dia kata teruskan saja... tapi yang tak bestnya... famili mak long la... masih menyimpan perasaan terhadap kisah2 lama famili kiteorang... sedihla..... bila mengenangkan famili begini... kite dah jemput dah cuma meka je yg takmo dtg.... abg masdie pun mcm dalam perantaraan.... dia ok je cuma mak long tuh je yang mmg tak suka kami.... huhuhu motifkan.... dalam dunia serba maju begini still ada masalah begini.... ingatkan dah di upgradekan ke lebeh terbuka.... sampai bila nak bermusuh dan tak bertegur sapa..... bak kata pepatah buang air yang keruh amik air jorneh...haaaaaa..... kalu adalah anak2 mak long baca ni...fikir2 kan la.... keluarga dah makin kocik....... tp still nak menjauhkan tali silaturrahim sesama sedara kite..... we allz sekeluarga memang bersikap berkecuali...... takda nak musuh sapa2..... dua-dua kitaorang stil mcm biasa.... dan lebih utama we allz famili open minded dalam mana2 hal.... so the reason dun be like katak di bawah tempurung....... kalu masalah famili.....rujuk dan bincang bersama...... tak baik gaduh sesama kite.... nanti mati sapa nak tgk dan mendoakan kesejahteraan ......fikir2 kan la....

29 Januari 2010

Is Avatar Really King Of

The Box Office?

by Dorothy Pomerantz · January 27, 2009

Yes, it's got the biggest worldwide gross of all time.

But it's still no "Gone With The Wind."

James Cameron broke his own record Tuesday. With a $1.86 billion haul, "Avatar" beat "Titanic" to become the highest grossing movie of all time at the worldwide box office.

It's a remarkable achievement. But before every Hollywood studio exec decides that all future movies must be in 3-D and feature blue aliens, it's worth getting a little perspective on the film.

"Avatar" has the advantage of showing in 3-D (which usually commands an average $3 extra per ticket) and coming out at a time when even 2-D movie tickets are more expensive than ever. According to the National Association of Theater Owners, the average ticket price in 2008 was $7.18, up 56% from prices in 1997 when "Titanic" was in theaters.

A look at domestic grosses adjusted for inflation shows a more realistic view of "Avatar"'s performance.

In the U.S., "Avatar" has grossed $555 million making it the second highest grossing domestic (as opposed to worldwide) film of all time. Titanic is temporarily still in the lead here with $600.8 million.

But adjusting for ticket price for inflation, Avatar ranks as the 26th highest grossing film in the U.S., according to Box Office Mojo. Number one? "Gone With The Wind" with $1.5 billion adjusted gross in the U.S. "Star Wars" ranks second with $1.3 billion.

Cameron's "Titanic" ranks sixth (just behind "The Ten Commandments") with an adjusted $943 million take in the U.S.

Movies are released very differently today then they were in 1939 when "Gone With the Wind" premiered. The film showed originally in 156 theaters in the U.S. "Avatar" premiered on 3,452 screens. "Gone With the Wind" was re-released in 1947, 1954 and 1961. In 1967 it was shown in 70 mm. With as many as 600 films being released per year, these days few films get a second shot in theaters.

Of course movie now can sometimes double their box office with DVD and television sales. Here we're only looking at box office.

Even some modern films beat "Avatar" when looked at through a price-adjusted prism. "Forrest Gump" (1994) ranks 22nd with an adjusted $623 million box office. "Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace," which was released in 1999, ranks 19th with an adjusted $623 million domestic gross.

But most of the films at the top are from at least 30 years ago. "The Sound of Music" ranks third with an adjusted $1.05 billion take. "E.T." is just behind with $1.04 billion.

With no film on the near horizon poised to challenge "Avatar"'s dominance, the film is sure to continue to mint money. But it's got a way's to go to catch up with a classic like "Gone With The Wind."

20 Januari 2010

Hot Pic Taken By Ejie Photographer

Wonder Girl.... LUV this korean Girlz... Go Gurlz


You Know I still Love You Baby.
And it will never change. (Saranghae)

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why are you trying to, to make me leave ya
I know what you're thinking
Baby why aren't you listening
How can I just
Just love someone else and
Forget you completely
When I know you still love me

Telling me you're not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know it's not right so
Just stop and come back boy
How can this be
When we were meant to be

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why can't we just, just be like this
Cause it's you that I need and nothing else until the end
Who else can ever make me feel the way I
I feel when I'm with you, no one will ever do

Telling me you're not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know me enough so
You know what I need boy
Right next to you is where I need to be.

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don't want no body, body
I don't want no body, body

Honey you know it's you that I want, it's you that I need
Why can't you see~

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
How can I be with another, I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody (2x)

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Nothing else matters other than you and me
So tell me why can't it be
Please let me live my life my way
Why do you push me away
I don't want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you

Sapa kata takda model saiz XXL... ini buktinye...bahawa kecantikan tidak kira bagaimana rupa orang itu sebenarnya....

19 Januari 2010

Bosan Tahap Cipan

Aku bosan dengan keadaan skank... membuat aku termangu-mangu tak taw nak wat pe... rindu ngan orang tersayang ada gak tp masih tak taw nak wat apa-apa.... plan minggu ni nak balik kampung aku kt Kedah ... ada kenduri arwah nenek kat umah Pak Lang... so aku kena g ngan mama dan papa aku yang datang dari Sarawak... huhuhu nak tido la dulu.. nak refreshkan otak aku yang semakin berserabut ni....

15 Januari 2010

Shoppercholic Man... RM1700+

Satu tabiat aku yang memang tak leh buang tapi bukannya every month aku jadi shoppercholic biasanya 6 bulan skali.... Tapi syang gak duit aku kan.... anyway aku be positive la sebab barang aku beli semuanya aku pakai bukannya buat pameran... CK Jeans dan AX ... jadi pilihan aku kali ni dan baju office aku kali ni semuanya Padini for 5 days....

14 Januari 2010

AVATAR Synopsis Ist Ranking Top Movie Of James Cameron

Intercut is a sequence of images of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) waking up in a VA hospital, where he is one of a seemingly endless number of wounded war veterans. Jake awakens inside a pod-like apparatus, where he's comforted by hospital staff. Then, through voiceover and dialogue with both hospital and military officials, we learn that Jake has a recently deceased twin brother -- Tom, a scientist -- who was to be part of a highest-level program overseen by corporate and military strategists. Because Jake and his brother are genetic matches, he's presented with a unique opportunity: take over his brother's contract with with corporate-military entity and travel light years away to an outpost on the previously glimpsed world, Pandora.

Acknowledging the notions of "being free" and having a "fresh start", Jake agrees to the deal as his brother's body is cremated.

Now aboard a human transporter spacecraft, Jake is one of many soldiers and personnel about to touch down on Pandora, actually a moon of the planet of Polyphemus, some 4.3 light years from Earth. We catch views of the base and its construction as Jake ponders his new role. Then, as the other passengers disembark and take their first steps onto the base, we see Jake make his first pushes into this world, for Jake is in a wheelchair. Jake acknowledges through voiceover that he lost the use of his legs during one of his tours of duty on Earth, and while a spine can be fixed, that "takes money," and that is tough to come by in the present economy. To add insult to the situation, Jake is referred to as "Meals on Wheels" by a few of his fellow travelers who are about to begin their careers as for-hire workers on Pandora.

Cut to a military briefing room, where Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is addressing the assembled soldiers, including Jake. Referencing the fact that they're "not in Kansas anymore," Col. Quaritch educates the soldiers on Pandora's indigenous population, the Na'vi. Quaritch lets it be known that the Na'vi want to kill and, while it's his job to keep soldiers alive, he will not succeed in this task -- "not with all of you," he declares.

Jake is now in a science lab where he meets biologist Norm Spellman (Joel Moore) and Dr. Max Patel (Dileep Rao), two members of the Avatar Program. As Jake gets his first look at his own Avatar, we learn about the program itself.

Humans are unable to breathe Pandora's air, but the Avatar Program enables people to link with their own Avatar, a genetically-bred human-Navi hybrid. Through his Avatar body, Jake will be able to walk again. While Jake says his Avatar "looks like Tom," Norm replies that the being "looks like you".

We learn more about the program as Jake records his experiences onto his videolog (the first of many). During this, Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), the program's science lead, awakens. We learn that she likes "plants better than people," and after speaking in Na'vi with Norm, she informs the assembled group of people that she needs Tom, a Phd.D who trained 3 years for the Pandora mission, and that she has no use for Jake.

Grace is next seen in the base's control room with Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), representative for the Resources Development Administration, an organization that oversees all military and other personnel on the colony. Grace tells Parker she needs a researcher and not a "jarhead dropout" when told that Jake will serve as a security escort on her team while they're on the planet's surface. Grace is doubtful that Jake possesses the skills to meet one of her objectives: to bond with the Na'vi and discern the factors for the breakdown in Na'vi/human relations. Parker has a different goal. After discussing Pandora's much-desired natural resource, the mineral Unobtanium, which can save Earth from its present energy crisis. Parker wants Grace simply to "use what you got and get me some results."

Back in the lab, Jake and Norm are linked to their Avatars for the first time. It's noted that Jake's brain is "gorgeous". Jake, in his Avatar, wakes up in a different room with other Avatars and staff. Within a few moments, Jake is making his handlers nervous because he is moving too quickly and trying to walk. His long tail is knocking over instruments. A staff member informs him that his behavior is dangerous, to which Jake replies, "This is great".

Jake busts out of the recovery room and into the daylight. He finds himself in a recreation area where other Avatars are playing sports and staff, in their protective gear, are performing various duties. Norm is in pursuit of Jake. When Avatar Jake dips his toes into the dirt, we're shown how the feeling registers on the face of human Jake.

In the garden area, Jake meets Grace's Avatar, who, with a slightly more cheery demeanor, accompanies Jake to the barracks where he is eventually encouraged to rest. The link is broken, and human Jake awakens.

Jake next meets Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), a retired Marine pilot with whom he'll spent several weeks getting used to his Avatar and exploring Pandora. Jake will also serve as the door gun on her crew.

Jake reunites with Col. Quaritch, who is lifting weights. The Col. Tells Jake about some of his tours, including one in Venezuela, and other aspects of his military history. The Col. re-warns Jake about the dangerous awaiting him on Pandora. His also exerts his belief that the Avatar Program is a joke and that it actually represents an opportunity for a unique reconnaissance mission: Jake can amass knowledge of the "hostiles" and "savages" as a covert military operative. At the end of this scene, the Col. climbs into an AMP Suit -- a bipedal exoskeleton used for missions on Pandora -- and informs Jake that he will help get his real legs back.

Relinked with his Avatar, Jake is flying over Pandora's surface with Trudy, Grace, Norm, and others. The team lands in a forest setting, where Grace and Norm begin to take different samples. Jake is distracted by his surroundings and making Grace nervous. He wanders into a field of Helicoradian flowers, which are quite tall and shrink at Jake's touch. Trouble arrives when a Titanotheres -- a dinosaur-like creature -- confronts Jake. Grace orders him to stand his ground and not shoot, or else the animal will charge. Jake successfully holds his ground, but only because a larger creature, a Thanator, has approached him from behind. Grace tells Jake to run -- definitely run -- and he's pursued by the Thanator in a chase that separates Jake from his crew. Initially, Jake eludes the beast; even when he's lost his gun and then downed by the animal, he releases his pack to escape. Ultimately, the chase leads to waterfalls, where Jake jumps to his safety, leaving the Thanator alone above him.

Now on dry ground, Jake is fashioning a spear and then a torch as we notice he's been watched above, this time from a different being ... a Na'vi? It has to be. The being draws an arrow to a bow and is about to shoot, only to be surprised as seeds (we'll come to know them as the "seeds of Eywa") land on the bow and arrow. The being retreats.

Meanwhile, as Jake's crew searches for him, Trudy says they'll have to return to base since night ops are not allowed. It's acknowledged that Jake likely will not survive until the morning.

As Jake fashions a torch, he's surrounded by a pack of Viperwolfs, who encircle Jake with their teeth bared, jaws gnashing. As their battle begins, the being who was observing Jake joins him in the battle, where she kills many of the animals and causes the rest to flee. Now alone, Jake follows his rescuer to an illuminated pond, where prayers are said for the animals that were killed. Spent arrows are then collected. Jake says thanks for killing those "things" which earns an agitated response from his rescuer, who hits Jake with the arrows and declares that the animals did not need to die. Jake is then told the incident is his fault because he is "like a baby" yet he's also told the reason he was saved was due to his strong heart and lack of fear.

Though no introduction has been made yet, Jake follows his rescuer up into a tree, though he's warned that he, like the other "sky people", should not be on Pandora. Just then, the seeds of Eywa reappear and we learn they are seeds of a sacred tree -- "very pure spirits" -- and Jake is covered by them. "Come," he is told.

In this next scene, we learn the name of Jake's rescuer: Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), who is young Na'vi female. Netyiri presents Jake to her people, the Omaticaya, though he is surrounded by Omaticayan warriors and felled by them. Leading this group of men is Tsu'Tey (Laz Alonso), and next in line to the throne. Neytiri lets them know that "there has been a sign" and that he should be brought to "tashik" (father, approximate spelling) and "Eywa" (mother).

Jake is presented to Neytiri's parents, Eytukan (Wes Studi) and Mo'at (CCH Pounder), who are the king and queen of the tribe, respectively. Jake tells the elders that he is a warrior -- a "dreamwalker" -- and his intention is to learn from the,. Mo'at tastes Jake's blood from a wound on his forehead and decrees it is the will of Eywa for him to live with the Omaticayan, and for Neytiri, however reluctantly, to be his teacher in their ways and customs. After a ritual gathering, Jake is brought to his bed, a leaf high up in the "Hometree" that encircles him like a cocoon. As he falls asleep, human Jake is revived.

At morning chow, all the scientists, including Grace, are focused on every one of Jake's words. Even the military and corporate reps have warmed to him. He lets them know the Hometree rests on Pandora's biggest deposit of Unobtanium. He's informed that he has three months to achieve his objective.

The next series of scenes revolve around Avatar Jake's training with Neytiri and human Jake's reported findings. He bonds with his Direhorse, arguably the most important animal to the Na'vi since Jake must learn to must mount the animal and connect his neural queue to its antennae. Human Jake continues to report on the Hometree's infrastructure and other Na'vi details.

Jake takes his first trip to the Hallelujah Mountains -- a system of remote, floating islands that are sacred to the Na'vi and are also rich in Unobtanium. It's here that Grace's camp is to be set up, away from the RDA officials and military officers alike.

In his next videolog, Jake discusses his language lessons and says his time with the Na'vi is like "field-stripping a weapon". This is intercut with scenes of his continued training with Neytiri, who teaches him about the Na'vi-forest connection. She tells Jake that all energy is borrowed and one day we have to give it back. Jake seems to comprehend this, and as he says a prayer for an animal he successfully hunted, Neytiri says that he is "ready".

We discover that Jake is ready for a Na'vi rite of passage: to connect with a Mountain Banshee, a flying creature, in the same manner he bonded with the Direhorse. Several factors (the height, the ferociousness of the untamed banshees) make this a dangerous lesson, but Jake's lack of fear and successful bond with his Banshee impress the Na'vi warriors present, including Tsu'Tey. Jake, Neytiri, and the others ride together to the Tree of Souls, the most sacred place to the Na'vi.

Human Jake is revived, and Grace calls him a "lucky swine".

Jake next is on an aerial hunting mission. Pursued by a creature known to the Na'vi as Toruk, which is larger than his Banshee. Neytiri says one name the beast has earned is "last shadow" and that her grandfather once rode on of the animals to unite the 5 Na'vi tribes.

When Jake comes back to, it's clear he's been changed by this latest experience, for he says, "out there is the real world ... in here is the dream". He's then confronted by the Colonel to say he's to take a shuttle to get his legs back, but Jake asks to delay the trip, since this evening there is to be a ceremony where he will become a true Na'vi man. The Col. acquiesces when Jake says this will be the perfect opportunity to negotiate the relocation of the Omaticaya so RDA can claim the Unobtanium.

Cut to the ceremony, where Jake learns the Na'vi believe that every person can be born twice. Neytiri leads Jake to a place of prayer, the "tree of voices" where they bond with the tree. Neytiri tells Jake he can made a bow from the tree ... and that he can choose a woman.

Jake says, "she must also choose me".

Neytiri indicates, "she already has".

In the morning, Neytiri awakens to falling tress, then the presence of bulldozers. She cannot wake Jake (back on the base, Jake is having breakfast and is clearly in a clear rush to return to Neytiri). Soldiers are advancing, the forest is falling around Neytiri, who is dragging and carrying Jake to safety. When he finally revives, Jake climbs onto one of the flying craft and tries to stop it, eventually blinding their camera system and initiating some gunfire. Other Na'vi warriors arrive, while the assembled military personnel recognize Jake in his Avatar form as the person who tried to stop their mission.

At Hometree, the Na'vi want war. Grace and Jake say no. There's an intense debate. Tsu'Tey tries to kill Jake. Jake declares he is a Na'vi and deserves the right to speak. Then, suddenly, both Grace and Jake's Avatars are downed.

Grace and Jake face off with RDA and military brass. It's revealed that Pandora has a "network of trees" and that the Omaticaya will never leave Hometree. Parker and the Col. discuss options. Gas out the Na'vi ... turn gunships on Hometree ... Jake lobbies to return to the Omaticaya and negotiate, and he's granted one hour to achieve the objective.

Jake and Grace are not welcomed back. Neytiri rejects Jake. Both are bound and left behind by the Omaticaya, who are preparing to fight against the humans.

Gas canisters are launched into Hometree and the surrounding area. Rockets are fired. The military is advancing on the ground and in the air. As the battle escalates, most of the weaponry is focused on Hometree, which is downed by a series of explosions and heavy artillery. Many Omaticaya are killed. Moat frees Jake and Grace and asks them to save the tribe. We watch a dying Eytukan tell Neytiri to take his bow and protect their people. Jake then arrives and is rejected again by Neytiri when he tries to console her.

The destruction seems endless, and, suddenly, Jake and Grace return to their human bodies and promptly placed under arrest for treason. Norm is also arrested for trying to prevent soldiers from disabling their Avatar forms.

Some time has passed, and the Na'vi exodus continues.

Trudy arrives at the cell which holds Jake, Grace, and Norm. She dupes their guard by saying she wants nothing to do with them, only to knock out the guard an instant later. In the attempt to flee the base in Trudy's ship, Dr. Patel remains behind while Grace is shot by the Colonel, who braves Pandora's atmosphere without protection, hell bent on recapturing Jake and the others. The team flies to the Tree of Souls, where the Omaticaya have relocated.

The hopeful reunion with the Omaticaya is not to be, initially. Jake is outcast, an alien. He does, however, convince Mo'at to try and help a dying Grace. Mo'at agrees and begins the preparations, mostly which involve getting Grace in place at the Tree of Souls.

Ever more determined to make amends with the Omaticaya, Jake arrives from the sky on the back of a Toruk in front of the Tree of Souls. The stunned Omaticaya feel Jake's dedication to them; in an exchange with Neytiri, she says "I see you". Tsu'Tey, who is now king, and Jake also make amends.

Back to Grace's ritual. The attempt is to try and have Grace's consciousness permanently transferred to her Avatar self. We see both human Grace and her Avatar. Mo'at lets it be known that Grace must pass through the eye of Eywa, and that the great mother might choose to let her pass through to her Avatar self, or she might opt to have Grace remain with her. The ritual is not successful, though before she dies, Grace tells Jake that she has seen Eywa. Jake is next seen addressing his chosen people. He says it's time to bring war to the sky people, and to do so, the other Na'vi clans must be brought together to fight as one.

The military, who are about to launch their attack, are focusing most of their efforts on turning a single craft into a massive bomb. Their target is, of course, now the Tree of Souls, and the attack is planned for 0600 the next day.

Jake is busy rallying the Omaticaya. At the Tree of Souls, he looks into Grace's memories, realizing that humankind killed their mother (Earth), the entity that protects the balance of life.

The story quickly jumps to the day of the final battle. The military forces are close and the bombship is hovering toward the Tree of Souls. Because of Pandora's magnetic currents, however, human-made instruments are failing. The united Na'vi force begins to arrive from the sky and on the ground. On his Toruk, Jake, Tsu'Tey, and other warriors engage in battle with the military craft, mainly Scorpion and Dragon assault ships. Casualties are mounting on both sides.

A flurry of main-character action: Jakes locks onto Colonel Quaritch; Trudy arrives and opens fire; Neytiri is separated from her Banshee; Norm's Avatar is mortally wounded and he jumps back to his human form; Tsu'Tey takes on the bombship and is killed in the attempt; Trudy's ship is blown up and she is killed in the process.

On the ground, Neytiri watches this action transpire. Jake attempts to contact Tsu-Tey and is unsuccessful, as is his attempt to reach Neytiri. The bombship closes in on the Tree of Souls.

A reunited Jake and Neytiri opt to stand their ground against the humans but to no longer display aggression. Suddenly, through what's left of the surrounding forest, a battalion of Pandora's animal races arrive. Neytiri tells Jake, who called out to Eywa for help earlier, has been heard as the various animals engage in combat with the humans.

Jake and his Toruk take to the sky to confront the bombship as the military's ground forces begin to scatter. Jake grenades the bombship and it catches fire.

Colonel Quaritch mans an AMP Suit in preparation for battle on the ground. He makes his way to the temporary camp set up by Grace and the others when they escaped from military incarceration. Human Jake, of course, is inside the camp and linked to his Avatar self. Quaritch is set on killing Jake, and Neytiri arrives with seconds to spare and saves Jake, though her Thanator is killed and she is trapped underneath it.

Avatar Jake arrives and engages Colonel Quaritch in a fight, and the Col. is quickly injured, but Jake is caught in the grip of the AMP Suit. Meanwhile, Neytiri has almost freed herself. Out of his AMP Suit, the Colonel dons a breathing device and insults Jake, asking him how it feels to have betrayed his race. The Col. races to the camp and is surprised when he doesn't find Jake in the first pod. Human Jake is starting to unlink with his Avatar self.

With human Jake in the Col.'s clutches, Neytiri draws an arrow and downs her enemy. A second arrow brings him to the ground. However, much damage has been done to the camp, which is leaking oxygen. Human Jake is awake but having difficulty both breathing and trying to get a mask on. Fully in danger, Neytiri arrives to help Jake with his mask. Neytiri, cradling Jake, says, "I see you".

Cut to the former military base, which is now under Na'vi control. Most of the remaining humans are being rounded up to be shipped back to Earth; however, some of the more harmonious people are invited to stay on Pandora. Norm is one of the humans who will remain.

Jake signs off in his final videolog, where we learn that he has chosen to transfer his consciousness to his Avatar self. In a ceremony similar to Grace's, Jake passes through the eye of Eywa ... and wakes up in his Avatar self with Neytiri watching over him.

11 Januari 2010

Coretan AJL ke 24

Tahniah kepada TV3 dalam dua tahun kebelakangan ni AJL semakin menarik dan kualiti semakin baik... Tahun demi tahun pembaikkan penganjuran AJL semakin dibaiki cuma last tadi je ada problem yang tak dpt dielakkan.... anyway tahniah kepada TV3... namun berbalik kepada AJL 24 tahun ni menampakkan kualiti muka baru yang fresh dalam pertandingan berprestij ini.... hanya Misha Omar sahaja yang bergelar artis senior yang len semua muka baru daripada underground dan realiti tv... Dan apa yang membanggakan finalis pada tahun ini semuanya mempunyai kreativiti yang kreatif dan menarik yang dipersembahkan .... boleh dikatakan tahun ini adalah tahun dimana artis menyampaikan sesuatu persembahan yang sangat baik dan kualiti persembahan yang bertenaga..... Tahniah kepada Black Mentor kerana lelaki kedua selepas Hazami mendapat vokal terbaik, manakala persembahan terbaik jatuh kepada Aizat dengan lagunya Ko Pergi (mesti puas panggil budak sekolah wat persembahan) , tempat ketiga Faizal Tahir Bencinta (my feveret soNg), tempat kedua tak sangka Yuna Dan Sebenarnya... dan Juara adalah seorang anak muda yang sememangnya begitu beharga kreativitinya sejak dia dikesan didalam rancangan realiti terbitan Astro dahulu iaitu Aizat memperjuangkan sebuah lagu yang cukup bermakna dan mendalam maksudnya serta khas ditujukan kepada Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad atas keggiatan filem yang diterbitkannya....

Sedikit komen terhadap finalis AJL24

1. Estranged - Aurora = Gud dgn penampilan koir tp dah nampak stereotaip plak tampilkan kumpulan koir.

2. Alyah - Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang = Gud Voice ingat dia dpt vokal terbaik ... lantunan sore memang husky tambahan tenang wat persembahan maybe sebab tempo lagu itu sudah diperlahankan lagi.

3. Misha Omar - Cinta Adam dan Hawa = Target lagu ni menang ... tp malam ni macam hilang aura Misha sebab takda tendang menendang lagi .... hurmmm maybe kain baju membataskan pergerakkan dia....... mcm sarat lak baju dia.... vokal plak mcm biasa berbanding semasa semi final more attractive daripada tadi.

4. Hafiz - Masih Jelas = Mcm show biasa je... takda yang menarik melainkan bunga tulip lampu tu .... maybe bagi jelas kot....

5. Bunkface - Situasi - I love meka punya performance... menarik....attitude... yg bes airil idola kecil pun join sekali...serta ada crow kat sebelah kanan dan kiri....

6. Stacy - Pakai Buang = Jelas menunjukkan tiada siapa yang boleh menggugat queen of dance malaysia..... rambut ala2 shakira sangat....vokal mantap cuma ada certain part macam pancit kit.....overall mmg superb la...

7. Hujan - aku Skandal = like in Hollywood .... love it....cuma aku konfius bila lihat ada muncul 2 crowd ke depan stage... lompat2 kemudian bertambah hingga ramai lak.... aku tgk si Noh pulak buat muka confius.... mana satu betul atau tak.... rancangan or kebetulan.

8. Aizat - Pergi = sebuah lagu yang digubah semula daripada lagu di luar negara.... boleh dikatakan lagu ni sgt puitis dan merdu tambhan dengan sore wanita indian dan mainan biola cina yang sungguh mengasyikan.... memang patut menang sebab aku sendiri nak nangis dgr lagu ni....huhuhu

9. Shah Indrawan - Rindu Terhenti = Gimik Diana Danielle.... ala-ala Mohabbatein plak... di Diana macam filem ghost....namun show pun boleh dianggap biasa... khidmat kumpulan koir masih diperlukan...

10. Black - Aku rindu aku sayang kamu = Superb la sore dia.... aiyooo mesti bangga Kak Mas Idayu... anak didik dia boleh menang vokal terbaik...

11. Akim - Bengang = Muncul dengan kot labuh ala-ala Drakula or Matriks ... prop banyak sgt tp effect ala futuristik.... vokal rasanya lebeh baik semasa semi final.... aku rimas dengan rambutnya.... semak sangat....

12. Yuna - Dan sebenarnye = Perghhhh selamba giler minah ni.... sore mmg bes .... aku suka show dia simple tp menarik....sbb tu org kata less is better than more...

13. Aizat - Kau dan Aku = Nak tgk budak sekolah .... puas aizat buat surat kebenaran ibu bapa meka ni.... hehehhe.... perform menarik sgt.... rasa mcam high school musical sek rendah hehehhe.... anyway tahniah sebb dpt persembahan terbaik...

14. Faizal Tahir - Bencinta = semua orang nantikan kemunculan dia walaupun dia bertongkat.... takut gak wat persembahan ala2 lady gaga...hik hik hik.... apa pun aku salute la ngan dia sakit cam ne pun perform tetap mantap giler.... kalu tak takkan dpt no 3 kan....yg gimiknya bila hilang faizal tahir muncul lak shila ..... hahahhahah

06 Januari 2010

Who Cares...

(SOme of people thinks im too choosy... but when im thinking i can get more better than before...)
Berkenaan pilihan aku mengenai jodoh aku yang kini hebat diperbincangkan oleh my families, anyway aku rasa aku dah jumpa pilihan aku walaupun orang len boleh kata tu adalah pilihan famili juga.... walaubagaimanapun bukan mudah nak buat my dad and mom like very much terhadap pilihan kite... kini aku berdoa jika inilah orang , maka tunjukkanla bahawa hubungan kami lebih daripada kenalan semasa kecil...

05 Januari 2010

Sedeh la...

Mok nangis juak bila fikir nasib aku kinek tuk!

Pasal bulan tuk nang mena2 berik kamek dugaan pada kamek.

Kamek puas bersabar dan menganggap semua tuk ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian.

Mok jak kamek berputus asa tapi ia bukan dirik kamek sebenarnya.

Pada yang telah menolong dirik..... setinggi terima kasih kamek ucapkan utk kalian... termasukla memberikan sokongan pada mek agar mek lebeh kuat....

Pada mereka yang berkata-kata di belakang terima kasih kerna cuba memahami dirik kamek...

TAskirah Diri

Apa yang aku tuliskan bukanla untuk memburukkan nama nya tetapi juz untuk membuka mata para pembaca adakah ini akan terjadi kepada diri sendiri jika ia berlaku kepada kita. Apa yang akan kita buat jika semua rakan kite tak mau tolong kita apabila menghadapi kesusahan tetapi kite sudi menolong mereka bila mereka dalam kesusahan . Adakah benda ini selalu akan terjadi dan menyedarkan siapa kite dihati mereka. Adakah kite akan dilihat sebagai org yang perlu dibantu waima dahulu kite pernah membantu, tetapi adakah ada balasan kebaikkan dahulu... renung-renungkan la.....

02 Januari 2010

My Design (Black Pearl)

LadY GaGa in Da HouSe

Lady GaGa — Speechless


I can't believe what you said to me
Last night, we were alone
You threw your hands up
Baby you gave up, you gave up

I can't believe how you looked at me
With your James Dean glossy eyes
In your tight jeans with your long hair
And your cigarette stained lies

Could we fix you if you broke?
And is your punch line just a joke?

I'll never talk again
Oh boy you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless, so speechless

And I'll never love again,
Oh boy you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless, so speechless

I can't believe how you slurred at me
With your half-wired broken jaw
You popped my heart seams
On my bubble dreams, bubble dreams

I can't believe how you looked at me
With your Johnnie Walker eyes
He's gonna get you and after he's through
There's gonna be no love left to rye

And I know that it's complicated
But I'm a loser in love so baby
Raise a glass to mend
All the broken hearts
Of all my wrecked up friends

I'll never talk again
Oh boy you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless so speechless

And I'll never love again,
Oh friend you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless, so speechless



And after all the drinks and bars that we've been to
Would you give it all up?
Could I give it all up for you?

And after all the boys and girls that we've been through
Would you give it all up?
Could you give it all up?
If I promise boy to you

That I'll never talk again
And I'll never love again
I'll never write a song
Won't even sing along
I'll never love again


So speechless
You left me speechless, so speechless

Will you ever talk again?
Oh boy, why you so speechless?
You've left me speechless so speechless

Some men may follow me
But you choose "death and company"
Why you so speechless? Oh oh ohhhh

01 Januari 2010

Heppy New Year to my lovely person.....

Tiadakata yang mampu aku ucapkan melainkan hanya "Aku sayang padamu" utk sesorang namun adakah dia berperasaan seperti aku juga....mmmm..... New Year tahun juz be alone at home... menunggu detik 12 malam dan peralihan tahun yang lebeh mencabar... Oleh tu semoga segala pengalaman 2009 dijadikan sebagai panduan dan iktibar pada sendiri....manakala 2010 akan ditambahbaikkan dalam kehidupan harian aku. Oleh itu, aku tekad untuk memperbaiki mutu kualiti dalam profesional aku untuk tahun dan nekad untuk menurunkan kembali berat badan ku....gegeh kan hahahhahha.... thanks to papa, my beloved person, my kindly frenizer and my pupils give me a wish last nite...