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Its All About My Photoshoots

04 Ogos 2009

My Dream House ....


Contemporary urban living for today’s lifestyles has
reached its apogee at a vibrant new landscape. Your home at
bears the hallmark of a home that is
innovatively designed, yet subtle in its impact as it blends in
seamlessly with the environment and surroundings.
is located in the visionary city of
Enstek, currently being developed as the first planned
knowledge-based community in Malaysia. Enstek has
attracted the keen attention of homeowners, multinational
companies and property investors for a variety of reasons.
Its first-class facilities, amenities and infrastructure developed
over 5,116 acres of prime land is strategically located
approximately 38 minutes from Kuala Lumpur City Centre
via the Express Rail Link, and a 10 minute-drive from
Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
Enstek offers residents all the conveniences of modern
day living, without the hassles of the city.

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